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Lens Performance Automotive


Lenard Williams of Lens Performance Automotive recently came into Splattered Ink Screenprinting with a challenge. Len needed a shirt to showcase two performance car builds that are near and dear to his family and business. The first car is his son Kevin’s ’57 Chevy wagon project, dubbed Project Surf Wagon, which he is building as a Drive! Magazine feature project. The second is Len’s own ’31 Model A Ford project, featuring an extreme high performance engine and killer paint! The challenge came in the fact that both of the cars are still under construction, so it was up to the Splattered Ink design department to bring the cars to life! The pictures below show that the challenge was met, and to Lenard and Kevin Williams great satisfaction. The print department took the next step in printing the colorful design on high quality 100% cotton t-shirts. This project shows that no matter what you can imagine for apparel design, Splattered Ink can bring it to life!

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